Personal. Bespoke. Unique.

Welcome to Foxes Boxes. 

A mum run company bringing handmade, handpicked,customised items that are high quality and unique. 

Get ready for autumn with brand new hoodie and sweatshirt designs!

Ladies Hoodie; "Motherhoodie"

Ladies Sweatshirt; "School Run Mum"

Ladies Hoodie; "This is my School Run Hoodie"

Ladies Sweatshirt; "Mama Bear" Sweatshirt

Ladies Robe; Cotton with Lace trim

Ladies Sweatshirt; "Winging It since..."Sweatshirt

Ladies Sweatshirt; "Chaos Co-ordinator"

Ladies Robe; Satin with Lace trim


Wine Tumbler

Skinny Tumbler

Bridal Cotton Tote Bag

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