Behind The Scenes

About me

My name is Shaney and I am the face behind Foxes Boxes. I work from home from my little office.

I have 2 children and a soon to be husband. I enjoy watching trashy films, changing my hair colour too often, and i'm obsessed with leopard print!

Foxes Boxes began in 2015 after the birth of my first Daughter. Like many others, I didn't want to leave her to return to work. Nor could I afford the extortionate childcare costs! so i began by making frames. I started by working on a side table in my living room and expanding into my own office in the house to store all of my things!
Over the years the business has changed and evolved, bringing a range of brand new products. 
Foxes Boxes is ever expanding and I cannot wait to show you whats in store next!
A big Thank You to every customer that has purchased from me and supported my dream!